Most common Q & A

  • Can I learn one to one with Ustaz Hamza?

    Yes, but only if you are part of our Beginner, intermediate or advanced programmes. You must join our programmes first then afterwards, if you prove yourself to be consistent you can apply for the pro level which is 1-2-1 learning with Ustaz Hamza.

  • Can old people or women join the classes?

    Yes, any one can join our classes even your cat if it knows how to download zoom app.

  • If I enrol in the online classes, what do I get?

    With any programme you get access to over 25 fun but yet simple courses in the bundle + access to 8 to 10 LIVE ZOOM classes (Private small classes) .

  • What time are the LIVE the Zoom class?

    On weekends. Calligraphy/writing class at 1:00 p.m UK time. Quran/Tajweed class at 1:30 p.m UK time. Qaedah/Spelling class at 2:00 p.m UK time. If you’re registered in one of our programmes, You’ll get an email.

  • Do if get discount if I enrol in 2 programmes?

    You will double down on your learning. In fact most of our Students are registered in 2 or more programmes! You are eligible for a 70% discount on your second bundle, email us and we’ll sort you out.

  • What if I want to enrol 2 or 3 students?

    We can get your siblings a separate account so they can have their own dashboard and they can get up to 50% discount !! All you have to do is email us.

  • How can I contact if I need more help?

    Bear in mind we have over 500,000 followers. We do our best to make sure you get help through this page. If you still need more help. DM on Instagram. Or WhatsApp/telegram. You can see an icon in the right-hand corner at the right bottom of the page.

  • How can I learn for free?

    1- follow ustaz Hamza social media. 2-Our free course are the best. 3- Sign up to our website to get access to Monthly free sessions. 4-Check Madrasa TV show on Eman Channel. 5-Join our weekly podcast

  • How much are the online classes? and what about Hifz?

    Group classes start from £49/month. One-to-one sessions start at £80 a month. Go to [classes] on the top menus for all the details. Hifz programme is not launched yet, however, ustaz Hamza does teach a few students Hifz but only in one-to-one sessions. Check the first question for more details.

  • Does ustaz Hamza teaches Arabic language?

    No. But if you want to read how to read Quranic Arabic join our beginners programme.