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I started learning Quran when I was just 4 years old. I finished memorising Quran when I was 17 in Madinah. I'm working on making a documentary to tell everyone about my Hifz story that will be very exciting &  beneficial, so stay tuned. lol

2010 knighted by the Prince of Madinah At the age of 17 ustaz Hamza completed his Hifz in Masjed an Nabawi and was knighted by the Prince of Madinah along with his father to receive his award. This was mentioned on the front cover of a Madinah newspaper the following day!

2014 best teacher Award!

After completing 4 years of teaching in a local Masjed in Madinah, ustaz Hamza was awarded as one of the best teachers in Madinah. During that time, ustaz Hamza ran a successful Madrasa of 45 students.

2015 Sanad from Masjed an Nabawi !

After being tested on the entire Qur'an, ustaz Hamza was granted a Sanad (Ijaza) stamped by Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-Qaasim (the Imaam of Masjed an Nabawi).

2016 in Masjed an Nabawi ! 

In 2016, ustaz Hamza was honoured to teach in Masjid an Nabawi as a Hifz teacher for children and adults Qur'an classes and trained by Shaikh Ana's Al-Banna, one of the leading teachers in Masjed an Nabawi.

2017 Teacher in the UK! 

ustaz Hamza came to the UK in 2012 and started by teaching in Tanzeel and many other Islamic schools. 

2019 first appearance on TV! 

ustaz Hamza first appeared on one of the UK's leading channels on various different shows. Including hosting other Qur'an shows.

2019 TV show! 

ustaz Hamza became a presenter of the Madrasa TV show on Eman channel. A daily weekdays show dedicated to the young audience where he teaches Quran | Qaedah & Arabic calligraphy.

Nov 2020 ...

we launched our first-ever course!

By 2021

We had 30+ students on our Zoom Madrasa (intermediate programme )

Feb 2021

We launched our Qaedah (beginners programme)

Aug 2021We launched a calligraphy programme

April 2022Image Caption

We launched our first Quran Khatam programme during Ramadan.

July 2022

We found our first-ever sponsor & we are working on new YouTube series.

Sep 2022

First LIVE podcast with Hifdh status in Masjed Al-Humera

Teacher Ustaz Hamza

With over 270,000+ followers on Tiktok, 33,000+ on Instagram and 45,000+ on YouTube, ustaz Hamza is changing the way students learn Quran | Tajweed | Calligraphy. Being gifted with dyslexia, ustaz Hamza likes to make things visual, simple & fun. A teacher with experience in teaching for over 11 years! Has an Ejazah (Sanad) in Quran from Masjed an Nabawi. Knighted by the prince of Madinah in 2009. Taught in Madinah for 4 years in Masjed an Nabawi. Founder of zooM Madrasa 🚀. A part-time Imam and a host of kids Madrasa TV show on Eman channel. Find more details on [about ustaz Hamza] page.