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Teacher Ustaz Hamza

With over 300,000+ followers on Tiktok, 40,000+ on Instagram and 100,000+ on YouTube, ustaz Hamza Quran | Tajweed | Calligraphy learning fun & simple. Being gifted with dyslexia & self diagnosed ADHD ustaz Hamza knows entirely why most people find learning boring. Has an Ejazah (Sanad) in Quran from Masjed an Nabawi. Knighted by the prince of Madinah in 2009. Taught in Madinah for 4 years in Masjed-an-Nabawi. Founder of zooM Madrasa 🚀. A part-time Imam and a host of kids Madrasa TV show on Eman channel. for over 12 years! Find more details on [about ustaz Hamza] page.

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