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Teacher Ustaz Hamza

With over 270,000+ followers on Tiktok, 33,000+ on Instagram and 45,000+ on YouTube, ustaz Hamza is changing the way students learn Quran | Tajweed | Calligraphy. Being gifted with dyslexia, ustaz Hamza likes to make things visual, simple & fun. A teacher with experience in teaching for over 11 years! Has an Ejazah (Sanad) in Quran from Masjed an Nabawi. Knighted by the prince of Madinah in 2009. Taught in Madinah for 4 years in Masjed an Nabawi. Founder of zooM Madrasa 🚀. A part-time Imam and a host of kids Madrasa TV show on Eman channel. Find more details on [about ustaz Hamza] page.