Quran Khatam programme

30 Juz , 30 rules and so much more

Your programme includes:

  • Access to 30 days programme live class daily @ 12:00 p.m UK time.

  • The recording of the entire Quran taught by Ustaz hamza.

  • 30 most common Tajweed rules explained.

  • Q&A sessions.

  • A chance to practice your recitation and get some feedback.

  • Bonuses at the end of the programme.

  • Life time access to the recording.

Full explanation of Quran Khatam programme

  • When is it starting?

    Starting on the first day of Ramadan.

  • Is the programme £196?!

    With the 70% discount, it’s only £58 but the coupons are limited and will expire by the first day of Ramadan.

  • If miss any lesson and I'm sad, What should I do?!

    Students who register in the programme have access to all the classes as they are recorded, so you can't miss anything.

  • Can sisters also join? Kids? Babies?

    Yes, yes and let me think....yes.

  • What about my cat?

    Only if it's 18+ 🙀.

  • What time will zoom session be every day During Ramadan?

    12:00 pm UK time and you can access the recording if you are registered for the rest of your life انشاء الله .

  • What else does this programme include?

    Ustaz Hamza will go over 30 most common Tajweed rules. Q & A and give chance to students to recite and so much more.

  • Will we get a change to read and get feedback on our recitation ?

    On weekends we will be holding additional recite and reflect sessions انشاء الله .